Thursday, April 20, 2017

And in this corner... The Battlin' Boxx!!

Today I was taking inventory of the characters in the Kickstarter campaign for Rayguns and Rocketships.

Let's see... Fearsome Star-Pirates? Check...
Sword-fighting Lizard-Men? Check...
Jet-pack wearing Astro-Rangers? Check...

Cyclopean brains in mechanical pants? Check...
 I feel like I'm missing something... What could it be??

I know!! A ROBOT!!!

The Battlin’ Boxx was formerly the super-heavyweight-class boxing champion of the galaxy. After refusing to take a dive against a human opponent, Boxx went on the run. He eventually "took care of the situation" (his words) and is now is a bot-for-hire as a mercenary captain. Boxx refuses to use weapons in combat; finding them both distasteful and unfair. But why use weapons when you can batter your enemies both up-close and from a distance with rocket powered fists?

Concept design by Scott Rogers
Model sculpted by Simon Grell
Color guide by Scott Rogers

The Battlin' Boxx is a Kickstarter exclusive and a character that is great fun to play. Since he only fights with his fists, Boxx only performs melee attacks. Fortunately, he can fire his rocket-powered fist up to 4 spaces away. And this attack cannot be riposted! Once the Battlin' Boxx gets going, he becomes a deadly combatant:

Jackhammer Punch: If Boxx hits with a melee attack, he can keep making melee attacks as a free action until he misses.

This robot really packs a punch! Let's hope the Battlin' Boxx gets unlocked as part of the Rayguns and Rocketships campaign! Only YOU can make that happen!

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