Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcome Planeteers!

One rainy afternoon, you find yourself exploring your Grandfather's dusty old attic. Against the furthest wall, you find an weathered old chest. After fumbling with the lock, you manage to pry it open - wondering what treasures you will find inside.

Underneath some old military uniforms and blankets, you discover a board game that has to be from the 1930's. While wrinkled by age, the box's cover is still wildly colorful - blazing rocketships and laser bolts ignite the inky void of space while spacemen duel against star pirates, lizardmen and horrible one-eyed aliens. The game's title dares you to open it:


Turning over the box, you read the following text:

"Welcome to a galaxy of adventure!

In the frozen heart of space lies a fantastic galaxy of planets populated by space-faring factions called PLANETEERS.

These PLANETEERS wage a never-ending battle of RAYGUNS AND ROCKETSHIPS. Some seek adventure like the brash ASTRO-RANGERS, others desire riches like the fearsome STAR PIRATES. Some will to conquer like the horrible BLAARG or hunger for honor like the reptilian ZARD.

Which Planeteers will win? That’s up to you!"

You slowly lift up the lid and take a look inside...

Rayguns and Rocketships is an action strategy game I've been developing since 2006. Inspired by the great sci-fi classics of the pulp era, Rayguns and Rocketships has the aesthetics of a classic board game but features fast-paced, exciting, modern gameplay. And miniatures! Lots of original miniatures!

I'll be posting the development history of the game as well as my progress taking the playable prototype to the next stage of this adventure. I leave you with an image of the game's box:

Stay tuned Planeteers! Adventure awaits!

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