Saturday, August 5, 2017

Meet the Planeteers: Krith Al Marl

"He said nothing as he raised his gauntlet and gunned down every Planeteer on the rocketship."

Out of all of the characters created for Rayguns and Rocketships, Krith Al Marl is the oldest I have ever created. He was a character that I first drew when I was creating an unpublished a science-fiction comic. Sadly, no art from the original comic longer exists.

Krith Al Marl is based on two huge influences from my teenage years. The first was from the Empire Strikes Back sketchbook that I got for my birthday in 1980, There I was re-introduced to the Mandlorean Super-Commando named Boba Fett. 

By that point, I already owned the Kenner mail-away action figure of Boba Fett. I still remember gasping in surprise as my older brother peeled away the sticker on the back of the card, revealing Boba Fett's rocket-launching ability. But learning that Fett's armor also opened up to reveal hidden weapons kickstarted my imagination. I love Boba Fett as seen in the movies, but man-oh-man, he could have been so much cooler if he had just gotten a chance to use that hidden arsenal.

The other huge inspiration was Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer. In the early 80's I was in a D&D fueled frenzy. I bought Robert E. Howard books like they were going out of style. I consumed Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings movie and owned the (now-stupid expensive) Ringwraith action figure (which I sadly no longer own). I adore the visual of a mysterious warrior with burning red eyes. All my geeky teenage passions were combined into to create this mysterious warrior from long-dead planet Byss.

Concept art by Scott Rogers
3D model by Simon Grell
Color guide by Scott Rogers
The centurions of Byss were once the most feared warriors in the galaxy. Known by their distinctive weapon-studded armor, the Byssians were hunted down and exterminated by Mizra Khan’s Imperial Army. Only one Byss Centurion survives – Krith Al Marl – a mysterious figure who now works as a captain for the highest bidder. In the ancient Byssian language, "Krith Al Marl" translates to "The Dragon of  Destruction" There are very few Planeteers that cross this devastating warrior's path and live to tell the tale.
Krith Al Marl's deadliness is reveal in Hidden Weapons: Krith Al Marl may re-roll a ranged or melee combat roll once per turn. The Omni-targeting System housed in his helmet allows him to use the following ability: Once per game, if Krith makes a successful ranged combat attack, he may deal 1 damage to all crew members up to 2 spaces away. You can wipe out an entire crew of enemy Planeteers if you play this ability at the right time! Krith Al Marl might be the deadliest character in the game!

Keep checking back for more great characters from Rayguns and Rocketships!

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