Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Meet the Planeteers #3 - Star-Pirates

As Rayguns and Rocketships roars closer to our galaxy. I thought an introduction to the characters, technology and places you will encounter in the game was in order. This time let's meet the Star Pirates.

The Star Pirates were once the mighty navy of the despot Mizra Khan, but since the collapse of his galactic empire, they have now turned to piracy. The crew wear terrifying skull-masks to hide their true identities and strike fear into the hearts of their hapless victims.

Concept art by Scott Rogers

 3D model by Simon Grell

 Color guide by Scott Rogers

The Star Pirates strike from a hidden base in the Samadi asteroid belt, their rocketships emerging to prey on passing merchant and pleasure rocketships. The once proud fleet of the Imperial Navy now displays a fearsome skull to warn all that their crew takes no prisoners. These military grade rocketships are the best armored in the galaxy with the strongest raygun weapons of all of the Planeteers. 

Concept art by Scott Rogers and C. M

3D Model by Simon Grell

Color guide by Scott Rogers

All of the Meet the Planeteers characters and rocketships seen here will come with the core set of the Rayguns and Rocketships board game.

Next time we'll meet the infamous Captain of the Star Pirates, the nefarious Count Ventura.

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