Friday, February 3, 2017

Meet the Planeteers #5 - The Zard

As Rayguns and Rocketships roars closer to our galaxy. I thought an introduction to the characters, technology and places you will encounter in the game was in order. This time let's meet the Zard.

The Zard are the dominant race on the planet Zardia. Once a savage race, they have evolved into a highly cultured, highly civilized race of beings despite their fearsome appearance. The Zardian culture is layered with ceremony, tradition and manners. The Zard prefer dueling to outright warfare and have developed into expert melee combatants Swordszardship is taught as soon as a Zard hatchling can wield a blade.

Since the explosion of the prime star, several of the Zardian clans have been backsliding into less civilized ways and there have even been some claims of the older practice of Zard cannibalism. Savage Zards will resort to using fangs, claws and tails in combat to rend their enemies apart.

Concept art by Scott Rogers

3D model by Simon Grell

Color guide by Scott Rogers
The Zard rocketship is extra armored to allow for close confrontations and boarding actions. The serrated "teeth" on the rocketship's nose are used to rip into an opponent's hull after ramming them.

Concept art by Scott Rogers

 3D model by Simon Grell

 Color model by Scott Rogers

All of the Meet the Planeteers characters and rocketships seen here will come with the core set of the Rayguns and Rocketships board game.

Next time we'll meet the swashbuckling Captain of the Zard; Fanglaird Varnus.

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