Saturday, February 4, 2017

Meet the Planeteers #7 - The Blaarg!

Things are heating up as Rayguns and Rocketships roars closer to our galaxy. I thought an introduction to the characters, technology and places you will encounter in the game was in order. This time we meet strange and terrible invaders to the Rayguns and Rocketships galaxy: The Blaarg!

The Blaarg are an alien race from another galaxy. They are a hive-mind race commanded by a gigantic leader who commands the smaller blaarglings to carry out its every command. The blaarglings have no individual identities and live and die to serve their Master as they scurry around their saucer in their mechanical pants.

The Blaarg have found the chaos left in the wake of the galactic cataclysm to be the perfect environment to torment any being they encounter which they dominate with their terrible mind powers. Will the galaxy survive their invasion?

 concept art by Scott Rogers

 3D model by Simon Grell

Color guide by Scott Rogers

The Blaarg fly around in their distinctive saucer-shaped rocketship that has a few different features from the other Planeteers craft. Most notably, the belly-mounted turret in the middle of the ship which gives the saucer 360 degree shooting radius - making it a very deadly and unpredictable opponent!

Concept art by Scott Rogers

3D model by Simon Grell

Color guide by Scott Rogers
All of the Meet the Planeteers characters and rocketships seen here will come with the core set of the Rayguns and Rocketships board game.

Next time we will meet the mind controlling the Blaarg! - the fearsome Master Brain!

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