Sunday, May 7, 2017

Meet the Planeteers: Jace Jett

"You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself."

Two parts Flash Gordon and one part Zapp Brannigan (or is that the other way around?) Jace Jett is the hero the Rayguns and Rocketships galaxy needs, but not necessarily the one it deserves (or is that the other way around too?). 

Jace is definition of a classic space hero: a two-fisted, square-jawed, circuit-sword swinging, neurolizer pistol-blasting son-of-a-gun. He is also possibly the worst leader in the galaxy but he is very good at what he does, which is fighting.

His years of defeating space villains and protecting the weak has made him an insufferable boor, one that does not play well with others. That's OK, because while Jace charges off against the enemy, his crew is happy to loaf about on the ship.
Character design by Scott Rogers
3D model by Kaleb Rice
Color guide by Scott Rogers
Art by Ron Salas
Prima Donna that he is, Jace Jett has to be different than everyone else, starting with his unique ability Not Much of a Captain. This replaces the Captain ability that most other Captains have. At the start of the crew action phase, take 1 action token for each crew member that doesn't move or attack this turn. Jace may only use the tokens from this pool to make actions. This means the less crew members who take their movement or attack actions, the more actions Jace gathers for himself. If his entire crew loafs around for three turns, a player can bank up to a whopping 18 action points! That's more than enough to run around the galaxy and back! However, Jace may only use these action tokens for himself and you've got to spend them before the round is over otherwise they go away.

Jace's other abilities are also impressive such as Circuit Swordmaster: lets the player roll 2d8 when making a melee attack. They can choose either of the two numbers as the result. This makes Jace an extremely formidable melee attacker but this ability cannot be used for defense. Not as impressive is Used to Working Alone: If there are no adjacent friendly crew members to Jace, he may re-roll one dice roll a turn. How this guy gets hired as a Mercenary Captain, nobody knows!
Despite his failings as a human being, Jace Jett is still a great character to play in Rayguns and Rocketships!

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