Friday, May 5, 2017

Spotlight on Captain Cards: Jessie Novastar

"Don't tell me you boys are afraid of a few death rays?"

I originally designed a male captain character for the Astro-Rangers but my daughter reminded me that "representation is important". Fortunately, there has been a long tradition of strong female characters in space opera to draw inspiration from - from Dale Arden and Wilma Deering to Padme Amidala and Honor Harrington.
Concept art by Scott Rogers
3D model by Simon Grell
Color guide by Scott Rogers
The heroic captain of the Astro-Rangers is Jessie Novastar. She is a daring pilot, whether at the controls of a rocketship or navigating in space on her jetpack. Jessie inspires fierce loyalty in her Astro-Ranger crew despite the many close calls they've had thanks to her devil-may-care attitude. While sometimes impulsive and reckless, Jessie still manages to come out ahead as she defends the galaxy against the space pirates, criminals and warlords.

Jessie is the daughter of space heroes “Rock” Novastar and Jenny Rogers. She lives in the shadow of her parent's legendary deeds and while she feels she has a lot to prove, she fortunately has inherited her father's flying talent and her mother's skill with a neurolizer pistol. Her half-sister is the Princess Persevone of Vaporia, with whom she has a complicated relationship.

Jessie's captain card highlights the two different aspects of her personality: pilot and leader. One "build" side of the card features the ability Ace Pilot: As long as Jessie is in the cockpit, the rocketship can only be hit on the roll of a 7-8. Her leadership skills are showcased with Inspiring Command: Any adjacent friendly crew members get +1 to their melee combat rolls. Whether alone in the cockpit or leading the Astro-Rangers, Jessie is a great captain to play!

Stay tuned as we spotlight more content from Rayguns and Rocketships!

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