Saturday, May 6, 2017

Spotlight on Captain cards: Fanglaird Varnus

"You can't make a space game without lizard men"

When it came to designing the Planeteer factions for Rayguns and Rocketships, I knew that one of them had to be a race of lizard-men. Some of my favorite creatures in science-fiction were lizard-men: The bounty hunter Bossk, The Gorn, the Zorgons from Zathura. But unlike these classic creatures who were often represented as uncivilized troglodytes, I wanted the Zard to be cultured, from a race who had worked hard to overcome their barbaric past. The Zard have emerged as a major force in the post-Imperial galaxy and they are attempting to expand throughout the stars.
Concept design by Scott Rogers
3D model by Simon Grell
Color guide by Scott Rogers
Fanglaird Varnus is a respected Zardian leader who leads his Planeteer crew to expand the Zard’s claim on the war-torn galaxy. A "Fanglaird" is one of the highest title in Zard society - one who is considered the epitome of manners, charm and skill with a dueling blade. Varnus is an expert duelist and has defended his honor dozens of times. Despite his elegance demeanor, the Fanglaird will not hesitate to resort to the ancient Zardian custom of cannibalism, if required to keep his crew under control.  

The Fanglaird's "builds" reflect two of the Zard's deadlier abilities: Lizardy Fast allows the Fanglaird to dash out of the way up to 2 spaces after failing a melee attack roll. Tail Strike lets the Fanglaird make a melee attack on an enemy 2 with his tail up to spaces away!

The Fanglaird is an awesome opponent and one that is great fun to play in Rayguns and Rocketships!

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